Best Burger in Town!

About Us

George's was started by a butcher who just wanted to create a high quality burger you couldn't find around town. The end product was a 100% freshly ground chuck burger with ZERO fillers.

The meat starts with whole pieces of USDA Certified Angus Chuck, trimmed down with the tendons and excess bone fragments removed (not everything is ground up just because it can be). This skillful and time consuming process can be appreciated with a bite into the burger.

The meat is ground daily, on site, for lunch and dinner. This helps ensure customers get the freshest hamburgers.

George's is family run and operated by a mother and son focused on doing things the old fashioned way. Many people come and go in this business, but with this classic approach to good quality food, it's easy to see why George's has such a strong and loyal following. Even though times may change, their way of doing things hasn't... for over 30 years!

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